You Might Miss This Red Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 from 1957

We’re used to seeing these vintage Beemers finished in a nice and tidy black paint job with a white pinstripe running the length of the tank and fenders, but here’s a rather rare sight listed on Bring a Trailer. 

The bike hails from 1957, and it is said to be a triple numbers-matching example that was acquired by its seller in the spring of 2021. The term, “triple numbers-matching” means that the bike’s frame, engine, and VIN plate number all match up, and indicates that this bike has been well-maintained leading up to this point with the same motor, chassis, and VIN plate. 

It goes without saying, but collectors who want the perfect example of an R50 should consider this listing. In the second-hand market, it is quite common to find units with replaced chassis, engines, and VIN plates. However, to the right buyer, the R50 listed on Bring a Trailer is well-worth its current $16,000 USD bid just for the triple match alone. 

1957 Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 For Sale

Finished in red with white pinstriping, the BMW was refurbished in Indiana prior to the seller’s ownership. In 2020, both fenders were refinished in Granada Red and the frame was painted as well during this time. 

Other parts and accessories that are worth mentioning on the bike include an Albert mirror, an Earles fork, a steering damper, a pair of white Magura hand grips, a larger 6.5-gallon Schorch-Meier fuel tank, a white solo saddle, a luggage rack, and a side stand. 

1957 Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 For Sale
1957 Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 For Sale

The bike’s motivated by a 494cc horizontally-opposed twin four-stroke engine that sends its power through an enclosed driveshaft. The bike comes with a four-speed manual gearbox as well and it had a top speed of about 86 miles per hour back in the day. Fuel is fed through a pair of Bing carburetors, and the dual exhaust system features a torpedo-style muffler. The last time the engine was serviced was in the spring of 2021 which included an oil change, carburetor tuning, and an electrical check. 

As for its footwork, it gets a pair of chrome 18-inch wheels in the front and rear and sports Heidenau tires. The braking system is comprised of a duplex and simplex drums in the front and in the rear, respectively. 

1957 Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 For Sale
1957 Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 For Sale
1957 Triple Number-Matched BMW R50 For Sale

The odometer reading on this bike shows 10,000 miles. The seller only rode the bike for around 20 in his time with it, however, the listing also states that the total mileage is unknown. 

You can view this listing on Bring a Trailer, but take note that the auction ends quite soon, on Monday, September 20, 2021, to be precise. 

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