Yamaha Revises TMAX and TMAX Tech Max For 2022

Yamaha has released the 2022 TMAX and TMAX Tech Max in Europe, and has bestowed its flagship maxi-scooter with some notable updates. The most visible of which is undoubtedly its revised styling, which now features more angular bodywork, and a redesigned fascia. Let’s take a closer look at what the 2022 TMAX brings to the table, shall we?

While Yamaha only chose to give its smaller maxi-scooters such as the XMAX and NMAX new colors for 2022, the TMAX benefits from a design overhaul. From a design standpoint, everything from the bodywork, fascia, and stance of the TMAX has been redesigned to give the scooter a sportier aesthetic. It now gets slimmer LED headlights, as well as two air intakes situated beneath either headlight. Looking at the 2022 TMAX from the side, we see that it gets a more aggressive stance. It adopts a slightly hunched over position, and looks like it’s ready to attack. Overall, the new TMAX looks a lot more compact

Yamaha Revises TMAX and TMAX Tech Max For 2022

The 2022 Yamaha TMAX also gets revised ergonomics. For starters, a new windscreen keeps the rider protected from the elements. The central section of the scooter is also slightly narrower now, giving the rider more legroom. The rear section has also been redesigned, and features passenger grab handles for added comfort when riding two-up. The new TMAX is available in Yellow, an homage to the first generation TMAX launched 20 years ago.

Moving on to the performance side of things, the 2022 TMAX gets redesigned 10-spoke wheels which are now lighter and more robust thanks to SpinForging technology. The new wheels are shod in sporty Bridgestone Battlax SC2 tires. Yamaha has also tweaked the bike’s suspension settings for improved compliance and rider feedback. The hardware still consists of a 41mm inverted fork and a linkage-type rear monoshock. For 2022, the TMAX’s engine remains unchanged, with a Euro 5-compliant parallel-twin engine displacing 560 cubes. Power is rated at 47.5 ponies.

Yamaha Revises TMAX and TMAX Tech Max For 2022
Yamaha Revises TMAX and TMAX Tech Max For 2022

As far as tech and premium feature go, there’s no doubt that the TMAX sits on top when it comes to scooters. We find a new seven-inch, full-color TFT display which offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as USB connectivity via a waterproof compartment with a smartphone holder. Navigation is also available as an option via a Garmin GPS unit.

Yamaha Revises TMAX and TMAX Tech Max For 2022

Last but not least, the TMAX Tech Max sets itself apart from the standard TMAX by offering a slew of premium creature comforts designed to make long-distance riding a walk in the park. As such, we find a heated saddle and grips, an electronically adjustable windscreen, cruise control, backlit controls, and adjustable rear suspension. Furthermore, the Tech Max offers enhanced fit and finish as it uses more premium materials for the switchgear and instrument panel housing.

The 2022 TMAX is expected to hit European showroom floors in March, 2022. It will come in three colorways—yellow, blue, and gray. Meanwhile, the TMAX Tech Max will be offered in Dark Petrol and Power Gray. Pricing for the new models has yet to be announced.

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