Yamaha Presents Banshee Over Baja, Circa 1988

ATVs became an addiction. I raced the Baja 250, 500, and 1000 numerous times between 1995 and 2010, so I know much of the terrain. It’s not all fast dirt roads and highways. Much of it is brutal and experiences extreme temperature changes. Elevation fluctuates drastically, from sea level to mountains laden with pine trees; and those San Felipe whoop-de-doos, they measure waist deep. The ATVs we had were reinforced and built to the hilt. We had satellite phone communication, multiple chase vehicles—it was a huge undertaking. So when I watch this video and see these guys racing what essentially looks like a stock Banshee with an oversized aluminum fuel tank and upgraded shocks, my jaw hits the sand. Look around the 1:51 mark and you’ll see they were still running those weak, stock upper J-arms on the front suspension. At 10:45, we see the Banshee traveling at 100 mph across the El Diablo Dry Lake. OK…maybe it’s not so stock.

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