Yadea Introduces Its 2022 Electric Two-Wheeler Lineup

Out of the many electric two-wheelers showcased at EICMA, Yadea, a Chinese company specializing in lightweight, all-electric mobility devices, captured the attention of audiences thanks to its sleek styling and practical designs. Showcasing its 2022 model lineup, the mobility company seeks to develop a stronger presence outside of its home market of China with three new models: the Y1S, G5, and C1S. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Yadea Introduces Its 2022 Electric Two-Wheeler Lineup

Yadea Y1S

The first model to make its appearance is the Y1S. This little runabout serves as Yadea’s first model for commercial use, and suits a variety of applications ranging from ride-sharing, delivery and logistics, and simple commuting. It makes use of a basic scooter platform that can be outfitted with utilitarian accessories. It’s even equipped with a dual lithium-ion battery setup, effectively doubling its range. A Battery Management System (BMS) takes charge of optimizing battery performance and efficiency, maximizing this little scooter’s range. It rolls on 14-inch wheels, and standard telescopic forks mated to twin shocks at the back.

Yadea Introduces Its 2022 Electric Two-Wheeler Lineup

Yadea G5

Yadea Introduces Its 2022 Electric Two-Wheeler Lineup

Yadea C1S

For the 2022 model year, the Yadea G5 makes a comeback. First introduced in 2018, this hip and stylish electric two-wheeler is designed with the fashion-conscious, on-the-go commuter in mind. It features premium paint from Sweden Becker, and has been proven as a reliable commuter following a series of real-world tests to optimize its performance. In fact, the Yadea G5 won the International Design Excellence Awards back in 2019. Lastly, the C1S, which initially debuted in 2019, also makes a comeback for 2022. This scooter previously won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award, and offers users a fashionable, no-frills riding experience.

Apart from the three electric scooters, Yadea also has a lineup of smaller electric mobility devices, all of which showcased at EICMA 2021. Electric kick scooters, and pedal-assist bicycles are also available to meet the demands of the ever-growing e-mobility segment. Several countries in Asia and Europe have begun integrating e-mobility devices into their main transportation sector, and have even gone as far as developing infrastructure dedicated to alternative personal mobility.

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