Wunderlich Has A New Line Of Accessories For The BMW R18

Wunderlich adds another set of accessories to its catalog for the BMW R18 which includes a rear luggage rack, passenger luggage compartment, and a cover for the oil cooler.

All the parts in this selection are made in Germany and feature a five-year guarantee. Wunderlich is also well-known in the industry and makes their accessories by hand, so don’t be shocked to see steep pricing.

BMW R18 Wunderlich Accessories

If you thought that your R18 looked pretty, just wait until these accessories are bolted on. The rear luggage rack is crafted from 16 millimeter steel tubes and is attached securely using a five-point fixture that is guaranteed to fit the R18. The rack is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Wunderlich backrest and it can handle up to five kilograms or about 11 pounds of weight. The part is also available in two finishes, either chrome or a satin black powder coat. You’ll also find that the part can combine with Wunderlich’s tank railing, which when all put together creates a very seamless rear tail section. The rear luggage rack retails for about $ 410 USD (€ 368.05 EUR) for the chrome finish, and about $ 365 USD (€ 327.04 EUR) for the satin black version.

BMW R18 Wunderlich Accessories
BMW R18 Wunderlich Accessories
BMW R18 Wunderlich Accessories

R18 owners who frequently ride with a passenger should consider this Wunderlich rear passenger luggage rack. The passenger rack is made out of 18-millimeter thick steel tubes, and its unique selling point is its deployable backrest for pillion riders. Whether you’re hauling a buddy or a bag, the rack is perfect for either, seamlessly transitioning between a rack and a backrest. I can even integrate with the OEM BMW side bags, and it can also turn into a seat extension for the rear passenger. The part is rated for up to 85 kilograms or 187 pounds, and it is available for about $ 341 USD (€ 306.53 EUR) finished in chrome, or about $ 285 USD (€ 255.28 EUR) finished in satin black.

BMW R18 Wunderlich Accessories

Finally, we have the Wunderlich Oil Cooler Cover, which provides protection from rocks, asphalt, and other projectiles that may hurl towards the delicate fins of the cooler. You’ll appreciate this part more if you ride a lot, as your front tire may hurl some debris at the delicate fins of your radiator or oil cooler. As such, why not get a part that is tailor-made for the R18 with the finish to match. The part is available in either chrome or satin black, and both finishes will retail for about $ 230 USD (€ 204.94 EUR). The steel that Wunderlich used in the making of this piece is two millimeters thick, which should be enough to deflect incoming projectiles and keep your oil cooler free from damage for years to come.

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