Would You Pay $55,000 USD For This Vincent Rapide?

Yes, you read that right, fifty-five grand for a vintage bike. Why is it so expensive? Who the heck is Vincent? Well, that’s a story in of itself. 

First, the basics, the bike is powered by a 998cc overhead valve V-twin engine that is fueled by twin Amal carburetors, and a two-to-one exhaust system that terminates in an authentic and era-correct bottle muffler. Its motor is paired to a four-speed manual transmission and it features a Brampton fork, a steering damper, and a two-up seat and is complete with both side and rear stands. 

1946 Vincent Rapide Series B
1946 Vincent Rapide Series B

The bike underwent refurbishment in the 1980s and remains intact to this day. The seller acquired the unit all the way back in 2009 and has since run 200 miles in the last 11 years. Total mileage shows 30,000 miles, all of which are original. 

1946 Vincent Rapide Series B
1946 Vincent Rapide Series B

It was registered back in Vermont as a 1946 model, and it has the engine case number “F10AB13,” otherwise believed to be one of the earliest surviving Series B engines built by Vincent. 

1946 Vincent Rapide Series B
1946 Vincent Rapide Series B

Who is Vincent, though? For those of you who aren’t really in the know, Vincent HRD was established in 1928 by Philip Vincent. Why is the engine so revered? At one point, an upgraded version of it powered the Vincent Black Shadow, the fastest production motorcycle in 1948, which achieved a top speed of 125 miles per hour. Even with its success, however, the company sustained heavy financial losses and was forced to close its motorcycle manufacturing business in 1955. 

With about three decades of history, surviving examples of vintage Vincent bikes can be hard to acquire. If you want this bike, be prepared to bring out your checkbook. Also be prepared to do a little reconditioning to the bike. The seller states that it was last ridden in 2011, and perhaps a little engine refresh and a spritz of carb cleaner and a serving of fresh oil could be in the books for the next owner. Either way, here’s a chance to bring a trailer for a piece of history.

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