Winning Suzuki ARThletes Burgman 400 Goes To Auction For Charity

In June, 2021, Suzuki launched the “ARThletes: Burgman 400 and the modern Pentathlon” art series to celebrate the Euro 5-compliant 2021 Burgman 400. Featuring artists Riccardo Guasco, Francesco Poroli, Gianluca Folì, the Van Orton brothers, the competition melded the Japanese culture with the Olympic games. Of course, Suzuki asked artists to integrate the new scooter as well. Despite those limitations, each contestant produced stunning art for the series.

Unfortunately, only one entry could win the competition. After tallying the votes, Suzuki determined that the Van Orton brothers top all the others. Bringing Japanese, Olympic, and scooter iconographic together with eye-catching graphic design and vibrant hues, the artists not only satisfied the brief but also satisfied the public.


After winning the contest, the Van Ortons committed their artwork to a new canvas—the 2021 Burgman 400. On the mid-size scooter, the design’s iconography isn’t quite as clear, but the livery’s bold lines and striking color still grab attention. Together with the Luciana Matalon Foundation, Suzuki will auction off the specially-wrapped Burgman 400 for charity.

With the minimum bid set at €7,190 ($8,295 USD), the celebratory Burgman will be available on the Charity Stars platform until November 17, 2021. In the meantime, the Matalon Foundation will exhibit the rolling artwork at its exhibit in Milan, Italy. While the winning bid will be announced on November 17, 2021, the Van Orton Burgman will take a farewell tour at EICMA 2021 on November 25-28, 2021.


On Saturday, November 27, 2021, Suzuki will officially present the Burgman 400 keys to the auction winner at the annual trade show. The proceeds will support the Matalon Foundation, which supports the “promotion, study, and enhancement of contemporary art.” The 2020 Olympics may have ended in August, 2021, but the games are still helping brands raise funds for worthy causes as we approach 2022.

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