What Do You Think Of The Harley Pan America Police Concept?

Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles have a long and colorful history as being part of America’s police force. In fact, the MoCo has been supplying trusty two-wheelers to the police force since 1908—that’s right, for more than a century. That being said, however, no Harley-Davidson police motorcycle currently in service can hold a candle to this badass police bike.

Designed and executed by Laidlaw Harley-Davidson, a dealer located east of Los Angeles, the Pan America Police Concept will surely leave crooks nowhere to run. As we all know at this point, the Harley-Davidson Pan America is well and truly a capable, go-anywhere machine. In fact, our friends over at RevZilla even compared it to the legendary BMW R 1250 GS in one of their episodes of CTXP. Granted, they unanimously chose the R 1250 GS as the better adventure bike, but the mere fact that the Pan America was pitted against this bike is a testament to just how much potential it has.

Harley-Davidson Pan America Police Concept

With that, Laidlaw Harley-Davidson put its creative chops to good use, and created this menacing police bike which I certainly would never want to see tailing me in my rear-view mirror. Showcased at the Orange County Traffic Officers Association’s annual Police Motor Rodeo, this bike has been decked out with loads of features designed specifically for putting this bike’s go-anywhere capabilities to good use in a law-enforcement setting. For starters, it gets the optional factory wire-spoke wheels and heavy-duty skid plate for, you know, when the pursuit goes beyond the confines of paved roads.

Adding to the list of upgrades, Laidlaw Harley-Davidson added a set of panniers and a large top case for additional carrying capacity. Of course, standard-issue police kit such as red and blue LED flashers give the bike an unmistakable police bike aesthetic. The LED accessories continue to make their way to the handguards, which are equipped with flashing lights. Auxiliary LED lights and another set of red and blue flashing LEDs can also be found positioned underneath the bike’s headlight.

At present, it isn’t certain yet as to whether or not the Harley-Davidson Pan America will see duty in any police department. However, given just how capable it is, especially when decked out with all this kit, seeing police officers using this bike in the line of duty isn’t a far-fetched notion. If you want to know more about Laidlaw’s Pan America Police Concept, our colleagues over at Cruiser covered this particular police bike in a detailed article highlighting all the bells and whistles fitted onto this machine.

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