Weekend weird: Immensely fun 8 lap Pocket Bike race in …

This was far too much fun to watch. A quick pocket bike race at the Kawaguchi circuit in Japan, where 8 riders take on 8 laps in the Japanese Autorace series to see who comes out on top – things can change in an instant!

I won’t spoil it, but it’s a thrilling finale.

The minibikes are split into two groups to start, with the front group of 4 starting simultaneously with the second group positioned around 100 metres behind – I’m going to guess as a result of some qualifying heats. 

Who are you backing in the Japanese pocket bike race?

The minuscule size of these bikes throws off your ability to figure the comparative size of the riders, but they are literally riding around with their knees up to their ears. 

As the pack gets closer, the collective drone of these machines grows as the commentator excitedly announces in their native Japanese – I don’t speak Japanese so I have no idea what they’re saying, but it certainly adds to the charm. 

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