Watch this security lock devour five angle grinder cutt…

WE all know that most motorcycle thieves don’t carry lock picks, a hacksaw or bolt croppers with them. For most, the tool of choice is the cordless angle grinder. It’s lightweight, mobile and, in most cases, fast.

That’s why the weapon of choice of thieving scum has been the target for security manufacturers for some time now, and this might just be the breakthrough that’s needed.

Before we go into this in detail though, it is just a bicycle lock, although it’s fairly easy to imagine the idea could be up-scaled to offer a solution to motorcyclists too.

The lock is made by a start-up called Hiplok, which is looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The video you can see below has been filmed by Cycling Weekly, and while not totally scientific in its execution, the reported results to make it interesting to watch.

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