Watch: Ridiculous KTM supermoto stunts from Arttu Stenberg

ARTTU Stenberg is frankly unhuman – the stunts he can pull on his KTM Supermoto are literally out of this world. 

If you’re partial to a bit of Instagram scrolling in your free time (and the algorithms know you’re into bikes) chances are you would have seen some of his outrageous stunts, usually atop his KTM 450 EXC-F. You certainly wouldn’t have forgotten them if you had. 

If not, then take a minute to enjoy a new name in the supermoto stunts world – a name that could quite literally be rivalling the likes of Axell Hodges for online notoriety on a bike. Notoriety in the sense that the skills on show makes us mortals look bad.

In this fairly recent video on the StuntFreaksTeam YouTube channel, Stenberg is quite literally displaying talent of an Olympic variety. We’re talking floor routines, hurdles, high jump… If this was an Olympic event I’d certainly be tuning in! 

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