Volume up! Rotary Crighton CR700W is a spiritual homage…

There aren’t many motorcycles in a rotary engine configuration that history hasn’t quietly forgotten, but the legacy of the Norton RCW588 from the 90s has endured… and now it’s ethos has been revived by the brand-new Crighton CR700W.

The Norton-reference isn’t as clunky as it may sound because Brian Crighton – the man behind his eponymous CR700W – was also the brains that developed rotary power for the RCW588, a model that broke new ground with its performance, innovation and success, going on to clean up the trophies on track too.

However, rotary power – for all of its benefits with being smaller, lighter and higher-revving – came with its own limitations of reliability and rehab-levels dependency on oil changes.

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