Vehicles sold in EU & UK from 2022 to be fitted with au…

In news that has seemingly flown under the radar (considering it’s right around the corner), the UK is set to adopt the EU-mandated ruling that all new vehicles sold from 2022 onwards will be fitted with ‘ISA’ (Intelligent Speed Assistance) automatic speed limiters. Is motorcycling as we know it about to change?

Simply put, through the use of cameras, GPS and computers, onboard systems will be able to impose limits & restrictions on the power of vehicles as they approach the speed limit, slowing your progress as you reach the designated limit for the road you’re on.

It’s been in the pipeline for quite some time, since at least March 2019.

What’s the deal with this ‘ISA speed limiter’, then?

As of May 2022 when this mandate is set to be introduced, all new cars, vans, lorries & buses (and similar vehicles) will be fitted with automatic speed limiters alongside other new safety devices. Retrofitting this new tech into older vehicles is not required.

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