Updated KTM 390 Adventure Coming to the USA for 2022 – $6,600 MSRP

Fans of small-displacement ADV bikes will rejoice to hear that the KTM 390 Adventure is getting some updates for the 2022 model year.

Looking skin-deep, we can see that the 2022 KTM 390 Adventure get a bodywork revision for the new model year, which includes some new graphics and color choices.

However, it is the changes beyond the outer layer that are perhaps the most intriguing, as the Austrian brand has brought some key upgrades and refinements to its base ADV offering.

First item is that the 2022 KTM 390 Adventure now has a focused traction control setting for both street and off-road riding, which allow different amounts of rear-wheel slip on dry, loose, or wet terrains.

The traction control is lean-sensitive, and the TC settings are now maintained in the event of a tip-over or stall of the engine, making it easier to get going quickly on the trail after a mishap.

The ABS is also lean-sensitive, and in its off-road setting, the rear brake ABS actuation can be disabled – as it should be on a dual-sport machine.

Addressing complaints from the previous generation of machine, the cast aluminum wheels on the KTM 390 Adventure have been upgraded to be stronger and more robust for off-road use.

Accordingly, the wheels now use a five-spoke layout, rather than the previous six spokes, which KTM says allows for increased stiffness and impact resistance.

Similarly catering to customer needs, the rear subframe is attached with just four screws, and can easily be replaced if it gets bent beyond repair. KTM also boasts of its adjustable WP suspension, as well as its 3.8-gallon fuel tank (14 liters), which is good for up to 250 miles (400 km).

At the core of the machine is the same 373cc single-cylinder thumper, though now in a Euro5 configuration. Power comes in at 43hp with 27 lbs•ft of torque on tap.

Pricing in the United States starts at $6,599 MSRP, with availability starting this month, January 2022.

Photos: KTM

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