U.K. To Require All Track Riders To Wear Airbag Or Back Protector

Compared to riding on the street, track days offer a controlled environment for motorcyclists to maximize their riding potential as well as the potential of their bike. For that reason, many riders believe that taking to a closed circuit is safer than sharing the road with distracted drivers and countless hazards.

However, danger proportionately increases with speed, and track riders must wear certified helmets, leathers, boots, and gloves to withstand a come-off on the raceway. While purchasing such kit for the track may be expensive for many beginners, the added protection and safety are invaluable. For that reason, U.K. track day organizers will require participating riders to don a back protector or airbag vest moving forward.

Most modern race suits already offer comprehensive protection at the shoulders, elbow, hips, and knees. Many options also include a pouch for riders to install CE-rated back armor. In addition to the neoprene foam protectors, most gear makers also offer standalone back and chest armor. Of course, the pinnacle of safety and protection at the moment are airbag vests and suits. Several manufacturers offer cutting-edge systems that seamlessly integrate into compatible leather suits.


To ensure that riders are abiding by the new rule, pit-lane marshals will implement back protector checks before the participant rolls onto the circuit. Initiative leaders Motorsport Vision (MSV) and No Limits Track Days have already announced the new guidelines to their clientele via Instagram. Additional rules will also require that all riders have a valid motorcycle license in order to attend the track day.

Track days may offer a controlled environment for motorcyclists to ride, but that doesn’t stop MSV and No Limits Track Days from continuing to make track days even safer. Luckily, with several back protector options on the market, the new rule shouldn’t be a paywall for beginners to overcome before getting on the circuit for the first time.

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