Tucano Urbano Takes Waterproof To The Next Level With Tucanorak

If you’re one who rides on a daily basis, and adamantly insists that you go on two wheels regardless of the weather, then chances are you’re well acquainted with the uncomfortable challenges that accompany soaking wet socks and underwear. Sometimes, even the waterproofest of waterproof gear isn’t waterproof enough, as water still makes its way between the seams, particularly at the waist.

Italian motorcycle gear and equipment maker Tucano Urbano has come up with a solution to this, ensuring that you’re kept completely dry even in the heaviest of downpours. Aimed specifically at scooter riders, the Tucano Urbano Tucanorak is a waterproof jacket that integrates with the brand’s proprietary Termoscud system. The brand claims that the Tucanorak will keep you dry by blocking any infiltration of water between the bib of the leg covering and your body. When combined with the Termoscud, the Tucanorak practically turns you into an amphibian ready to take on the gnarliest of weather—just don’t submerge yourself completely, though.

Tucano Urbano Tucanorak

Tucano Urbano states that the Tucanorak can easily be worn in three, straightforward steps. All you need to do is lift the right side of the front pocket of the Tucanorak. After this, simply place the Termoscud bib under the pocket. Once that’s done, and you’ve sealed it all up, you should be ready to go and hit the road without the slightest worry that your clothes underneath the raincoat would get wet from the rain.

Should the weather clear up, the Tucanorak isn’t like other raincoats that’ll have you wet from sweat instead of rain. It’s made out of a breathable, lightweight polyamide which manages to retain its windproof and waterproof properties. Taped seams including those of the collar ensure protection from windchill, while a double waterproof flap covering the central zipper prevents water from seeping in over time. The Tucano Urbano Tucanorak has been rain tower tested, and is certified under the EN 14360:2004 standard.

Tucano Urbano Tucanorak

While the Tucanorak isn’t exactly the most hip and stylish riding garments out there, it’ll certainly come in handy, especially for scooter riders who rely on their trusty steeds on a daily basis. Available only in black, when not in use, the Tucanorak can easily be stowed inside a backpack, or even under the seat of most scooters. It retails for an affordable 64.90 Euros, translating to around $73 USD. Meanwhile, the Termoscud leg cover retails for 119.99 Euros, or $136 USD.

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