Triumph Is Helping Small Businesses Across The U.K. With New Campaign

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, and small businesses have been hit particularly hard. That’s why Triumph Motorcycles started its newest campaign, called Ride Out to Help Out. It’s based in the U.K., and it’s not clear whether Triumph has any plans to do anything similar in other countries since it’s an international motorcycling presence with a strong and vibrant riding community around the globe. 

ROTHO aims to help local riders’ favorite places all over the U.K. The basic idea is that next time you’re headed out for a ride, you should stop in at one or more of these places and give them some business. There’s a handy map on the site with plenty of places you’d expect, like the Ace Café in London or the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull.  

However, there’s also more to it than that. Triumph is also encouraging riders to submit your favorite spots that you like to ride to so they can be added to the map. It doesn’t have to be motorcycle-specific to be included, either. It could be a great little café, or ice cream shop, or some other small business that you love to ride to, and that you really feel could use more attention from the U.K. Triumph-riding community. 

If your favorite isn’t already on the list, now’s a great time to make sure that more people know about it. Thank your favorites and encourage them to see this difficult time through by sending more business their way if you can. Restaurants and cafes run on extremely thin margins, so every little bit can make a huge difference in times like these.  

Maybe you’ve already thought about your favorite small businesses and wished you could do more to help, because you’re only one person or family. This is the perfect way to do exactly that, and the more riders know about great places to stop all over, the better for riders AND for your favorite businesses. What’s not to love about this plan? 

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