Towing rules to change soon, you can tow a trailer with…

We’ll keep this one brief, but you may have noticed shortages of practically everything in shops at the minute – a large part of that is the lack of lorries on the roads delivering our goods to stores. Well, the DVSA has announced plans to free up slots for lorry tests by entirely scrapping the towing testing process for that BE entitlement on the back of your photocard. 

Car and trailer tests will be stopped from the 20th of September, and from an unconfirmed date (but one that is promised to be soon, likely the 21st September or thereabouts) everyone with a car licence can whack a trailer or caravan on the back of their car and hit the road, no training and no questions asked. 

Currently, there are restrictions on what you can tow depending on when you passed your test, but that’ll be completely scrapped under the new ruling.

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