Touratech Reveals Luggage Rack XL For Your Yamaha Ténéré 700

Strapping luggage to your pillion seat is an experience that varies by setup. If you’re riding a Yamaha Ténéré 700, then you may want to know more about a new accessory Touratech just put out in November, 2021. The German aftermarket accessories specialist’s new Luggage Rack XL for your T7 could be a good answer for your touring needs if you like to ride solo. 

This sturdy, extra-large luggage plate is made of 4mm-thick black anodized aluminum. It doesn’t just slot in where you’d expect any normal luggage rack to go, though. See, one potential problem with carrying a whole bunch of gear on any bike can be that rear rack. The further you get away from the center of gravity with heavy items, the more trouble you’ll have balancing your bike.  

That’s why Touratech developed this Luggage Rack XL solution, which completely replaces the pillion seat on your T7. What’s extra cool about it is that it uses Yamaha’s OEM locking mechanism to slot that XL luggage rack in place. Simply take your pillion seat off, then click the luggage rack in place. Everything locks on nicely with your ignition key, the same way that passenger seat would do. Could it be easier? It’s difficult to see how, short of using an actual magic wand. 

Touratech Luggage Plate XL for Yamaha Tenere 700 - On Bike Alternate

This plate is also nice and narrow, keeping that same narrow profile that probably persuaded you to buy your T7 in the first place. It’s currently available for purchase on Touratech’s website, at a cost of 158.73 Euros (or approximately $180.36), not including any tax or shipping costs. As with other companies that sell their products in various markets around the world, pricing and availability will vary by market. For the most accurate pricing and availability information in your area, it’s best to reach out to your local Touratech dealer.

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