Toni Bou Trains In Snow Ahead Of 2022 Trial World Championship

Toni Bou may have 30 Trials World Championships under his belt. He may have claimed both indoor and outdoor titles for 15 consecutive years. That doesn’t stop the Spanish rider from wanting more, however. To stay at the top of his game, Bou frequently employs unconventional training exercises.

We’ve seen Bou deal with the pandemic lockdown with his unique indoor trails training. We’ve also witnessed him wheelie, stoppie, and jump a Honda Africa Twin like it was a toy. Now, Bou takes to the snow for a brand of training that’s equally challenging and festive.


For those that aren’t regular subscribers to Toni Bou’s social handles, no object is safe from the Repsol Honda rider’s aerial acrobatics. From jumping between boulders and concrete obstacles to clearing bar stools and dog houses, there’s nothing that Bou doesn’t attempt to surmount. That doesn’t mean he always succeeds though.

While most social media feeds provide a curated look at the user’s everyday life, Bou also highlights his failures. He does the same with his snow training session, showing his fans numerous failed attempts at a box jump before finally sticking the landing on the fourth try.

Of course, in different conditions, Bou could complete the maneuver without looking (no joke). However, with the icy conditions presenting an extra challenge, Bou has to employ even more bike control to pull off the trick.

To end the Instagram Reel, Bou attempts a wall jump, but can’t stick the landing on the first attempt. To no one’s surprise though, the 30-time champ doesn’t throw in the towel until he masters the move. He then celebrates in Bou fashion, sending snow roost directly at the camera.

With the 2022 FIM Trial World Championship slated to start in May, the Montessa rider has his sights set on capturing his 32nd title. Until then, he’ll be making conquering obstacle courses and the elements to arrive in tip-top shape.

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