This Yoshimura Kit Pays Homage To Wes Cooley’s 1977 Z1

You might know Yoshimura for its exhausts, and don’t worry they still make some killer systems, but this is a little unexpected. It’s a full-on kit that’ll essentially transform your Z900RS into a Wes Cooley Z1 homage. 

To those of you that don’t know, Wes Cooley competed in the AMA Superbike Championship aboard a Kawasaki Z1 back in 1977. Cooley became known for riding the Yoshimura Kawi, and he was associated with the bike ever since. 

Back then, the AMA Superbike championship wasn’t like the World Superbike that we all know and love today. Kawasaki also had another great rider on a Z1 during this era and his name is Greg Pridmore who first ran a Bimmer with a boxer, but then moved on to the inline-four Z1 of Kawasaki. 

Yoshimura Kawasaki Z900RS

Yoshimura offers up to six conversion kits for the Z900RS, the spiritual successor to the Z1 in many aspects, from the style all the way to the engine layout. Year models in particular that are covered by this kit include the 2018 to the 2020 year models, as well as the seemingly updated 2021 model year. 

Okay, it’s not a one-to-one replication of the original Z1 race bike back in the day because you do need to have the necessary road-legal appointments installed and to Yoshi’s credit, they do a bang-up job in that department as well. 

Yoshimura Kawasaki Z900RS
Yoshimura Kawasaki Z900RS

As for the kit itself, it’s ‘inspired-by’ more than anything, and it even comes with a custom tank, rear cowl, and some cabin fiber bits that put a more modern twist on a classic racing machine. SPEC-1 gets you these parts and is a more aesthetic-driven kit. Think of it as a “lite” package. Another variation of the kit includes a headlight cowl as well that is also finished in black and red. 

Yoshimura Kawasaki Z900RS
Yoshimura Kawasaki Z900RS

SPEC-2 is more comprehensive as far as modifications go. You get a full exhaust system which is the crown jewel in the collection, a set of rear-sets, some dress-up parts, and all the aforementioned items that are included in the SPEC-1 set. You even get a radiator with Yoshimura’s logo as well as the Z logo that represents Kawasaki’s storied nameplate. 

All put together and you have yourself a straight-up catalog build for the Z900RS. If you’re a big Yoshimura fan that happens to have a Z900RS, you’re in luck. Plus, you definitely have to do that screamer of an inline-four justice with a banger of an exhaust system, right? Why not get some extra duds to slap on the bike while you’re at it? 

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