This “Virtual Steering Monkey Bike” Can Really Be Yours Right Now

Do you like Honda’s monkey bikes, but wish you could get your hands on something a little more bespoke? Well, friends, your time has finally arrived. Are you familiar with Japanese motorcycle parts and accessories maker Daytona? Not to be confused with acclaimed German motorcycle boot specialist Daytona, Japanese aftermarket parts maker Daytona crafts all sorts of goodies for all kinds of bikes sold in its home market.  

On occasion, it also creates custom builds to showcase its products and hopefully convince you to buy them. This Daytona Virtual Steering Monkey Bike is a prime example. The prototype was designed by former automotive engineer Takashi Haneda from a pile of discarded parts—a true parts-bin special, as it were. (There was apparently even an entire illustrated standalone manga volume devoted to showing you how to assemble your own, and you can still find it on the secondary market if you want.) 

From there, Daytona developed an entire kit that would allow anyone interested to build their own. Only 50 of these kits were ever produced. According to Belgian seller TVP classics, this is the only one in existence that’s street legal. I have to tell you, when I first saw it, my first thought was of the movie Outbreak, since it’s a Monkey that’s clearly been in close contact with a Vyrus

Anyway, the heart is a 49cc Honda Monkey engine, with a four-speed gearbox, electric start, and its original Keihin carburetor. It also has Brembo CNC brake calipers front and rear, which is pretty sweet. Actual brake discs are 160mm units both up front and in the rear, crafted by Daytona. Most everything else on this bike also comes from the Daytona workshop, including the virtual steer frame kit, 10-inch alloy wheels, alloy swingarm, seat and fenders, rear cowl/light/indicator set, side stand, and pegs. 

The few non-Daytona aftermarket parts included (other than those Brembo calipers) are listed as Lucas braided stainless steel brake hoses (both front and rear), four separate 280mm YSS adjustable shocks, an alloy and carbon Miya exhaust, a Monkey-style tank, fairing with integrated light/indicators, and an unspecified chrome handlebar.  

It’s completely unclear what this unusual build is like to ride, and who knows if the person who purchases it will even want to ride it? Some bikes are meant to be ridden, and some bikes are destined to merely be admired every time you walk past. Which one this Virtual Steering Monkey Bike will be will, of course, depend entirely on its new owner. 

It’s currently available for purchase at TVP Classics in Belgium, where the shop is asking 7,500 Euros, or just over $8,686 at the time of writing. You can find a link to learn more and/or purchase this bike in our Sources. That price includes VAT, so if you’re outside the E.U., you may find yourself paying less for the bike, but shipping costs may vary. 

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