This Suzuki Bandit Got A Devilish Makeover by K-Speed

K-Speed has done something gorgeous and is on showcase in Return of the Cafe Racers. Made by Tanadit Sarawek, the Suzuki Bandit 600 is backed by the builder’s experience.

With more than 300 builds under Sarawek’s belt, it’s no wonder he was invited by BMW Motorrad to be a part of the Glemseck 101 festival. He also has quite an international presence and is frequently contacted from all over the world. K-Speed continuously serves up custom builds and parts to eager clients. 

K-Speed 1996 Suzuki Bandit 600 'Diablo'
K-Speed 1996 Suzuki Bandit 600 'Diablo'

Now, on to the bike. Based on the Suzuki Bandit 600, Sarawek wanted to renew interest in as well as remake and refurbish the bike. the middleweight roadster. It is a slightly rare sight to see a fully-customed Bandit 600. Suzuki’s inline-four gets a lot of traction in the GSX series, but it’s been a few years since the Japanese brand brought something new to the Bandit series of bikes. 

The example that K-Speed brought back to life hails from 1996. It gets a lot of goodies. The middleweight gets some light performance mods which net a few more cafe racer style points. K-Speed deleted the airbox in favor of distinct red filters on the throttle bodies, and the exhaust featured on this bike comes from the workshop’s line of ‘Diablo’ parts—which just so happens to be the nickname for this build. 

K-Speed 1996 Suzuki Bandit 600 'Diablo'
K-Speed 1996 Suzuki Bandit 600 'Diablo'

A custom leather saddle has been added into the mix, affixed onto the wasp-tail cowl, which was made to match the shape of the tank. Speaking of the tank, it’s a custom job by K-Speed as well, but it utilizes the stock tank of the Bandit. The profile of the rear of this piece was adjusted to give it a more aggressive look.

K-Speed 1996 Suzuki Bandit 600 'Diablo'

In addition, K-Speed also gave Diablo modern systems like LED brake lights, hidden LED turn signals, and an LED headlight. In keeping with the more modern theme, a digital gauge was installed in place of the original cluster. 

They say that the devil is in the details, and this Suzuki is just devilishly handsome. Not many power mods to talk about on this bike, but it’s immaculately finished and executed. The red accents really make it stand out where the bike is black, and the red paint used on the bike really stands out giving it a sort of 90s cartoon devil kind of look. No wonder it’s called Diablo.


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