This Honda NC30 is the rev-happy, low-mileage pocket ro…

Trawling auction sites has become something of a favourite past-time of ours, you know just seeing what was out there if we happened to win on the lottery or the boss accidentally adds another ‘0’ onto our pay check…

We’ve run a few weird and wonderful examples over the past year but there is nothing weird about this one. Wonderful, however, now that it definitely is…

The Honda RC30  is one of the most regularly identified motorcycles offered when we ask ‘what is the most iconic motorcycle’ of all-time, so when a pristine version appears ready to find a forever home, we can’t help but looked down the back of the sofa for some spare change.

This, however, is something a little more compact and a touch more diverse, then how about a rarer, more modest example with all of the desirability of its bigger sportsbike brother but perhaps a little less growling?

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