This Fresh 1979 Honda CB750K Is A Time Capsule Worth Buying

The year was 1969, and Honda came up with the legendary CB750 series, a nameplate that would go on to make waves in the industry, thanks to its inline-four-banger that sings in tune with the help of quad Keihin 30-mm carburetors. 

1979 Honda CB750K 10th anniversary
1979 Honda CB750K 10th anniversary

To this day, the bike can make power figures that can even put some modern motors to shame, making a claimed 77 horsepower when new. Though, this isn’t just any Honda CB750, this is the CB750K 10th Anniversary Edition from 1979, and it was made to commemorate the ten years’ of Honda’s success with the nameplate. 

The key difference of this version is the inclusion of a dual-overhead camshaft, instead of the standard’s single cam head. Just like several engines of its time, this model came from the factory air-cooled, carbureted, and with a relatively low redline of just 9,500—well, relative to modern-day standards. Legends like this laid the groundwork for some of Honda’s most celebrated modern marvels like the CB650R and the CB1000R, and this model is one of the more collectible ones out there. 

1979 Honda CB750K 10th anniversary
1979 Honda CB750K 10th anniversary

With only two miles on the clock, it’s an enigma how such a great bike like this never saw a long ride on the highway. Perhaps the owner understood the value of such a purchase, and set his sights for doubling down in the future. Well, that future happens to be now as it’s currently going for $9,500 USD on Bring a Trailer, though you have to pool together the money before December 28, 2021, when the auction ends. 

1979 Honda CB750K 10th anniversary

Whether you choose to store this bike, turn it into a custom, or ride it as it is, it’s a great piece to have in your garage. Not only does it look stunning with its Candy Muse Red paintjob and gold pinstripes, it’s also a historically-relevant model that is the grand daddy of some of Honda’s most exciting modern motorcycles. If you have a bit of Christmas money left over, I highly suggest you consider this as another Christmas gift to yourself, or for another.

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