This 2002 Ducati Monster 750S Is Looking For A New Home

Many would agree that the Ducati Monster is the bike that started the naked sportbike craze. In essence, that’s exactly what the Monster started out as: a sportbike stripped of its race fairings. This is especially true on older models of the bike, but not so much with modern-day Monsters. These days, the Ducati Monster is very much its own platform, and has taken a new, more hooliganistic character, as evidenced by the current generation bike.

Naturally, older generation Monsters continue to be sought after by both collectors and casual riders alike. The fact that so many of them were produced means that they’re plentiful, with spare parts in abundance, and overall lower acquisition and ownership costs than those of Ducati’s full-fledged sportbikes. That said, there are quite a few noteworthy examples currently in the market, one of which is this beautiful Monster 750S from 2002.

This 2002 Ducati Monster 750S Is Looking For A New Home

This particular bike has been listed at no reserve on Bring a Trailer, and immediately caught my eye thanks to its striking gray and red colorway. Upon further inspection, it’s pretty clear that the bike has been well looked after, as it looks to be in excellent condition. This particular model was released together with Ducati’s middleweight sportbike, the 748, and features a 748cc Desmodromic L-twin that produces 64 horsepower. This makes it a rather approachable machine, especially for those looking to ride it on a daily basis.

Now, Ducatis are often known for their rattly, dry-clutch assemblies. Apart from making the iconic racket, the dry clutch assemblies on older Ducatis were especially sensitive to rain and dirt, meaning service intervals for these units were rather short. This isn’t the case for the Monster 750S, as it comes with a multiplate wet clutch setup, which means that it’ll likely offer improved longevity and be easier to operate, especially for novice riders.

This 2002 Ducati Monster 750S Is Looking For A New Home
This 2002 Ducati Monster 750S Is Looking For A New Home

In preparation for the sale, basic maintenance was performed on this bike. Service consisted of an oil change, battery replacement, and a thorough inspection of the bike’s components. It currently only has 2,500 miles on the clock, and comes with all complete documentation, spare keys, and a clea Connecticut title in the seller’s name. The current bid on this bike stands at just $4,000, meaning it can easily be snapped up by budding collectors, or folks looking for a unique daily commuter. If this bike is of interest to you, then be sure to visit the original listing in the link below.

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