This 1978 Yamaha GT80 Costs $35,000, But Comes With A Truck

It’s not every day that you see a car listed in the motorcycle section of Bring a Trailer. While I was combing the website for bikes that I can’t afford, I came across this for sale listing and first thought that it might have been an error on the site.

1985 Toyota Hilux With Yamaha GT80
1985 Toyota Hilux With Yamaha GT80
1985 Toyota Hilux With Yamaha GT80

To my surprise, it isn’t and for anybody that loves retro-themed vehicles, this deal may be very promising. Just think about it, a Hilux with a retro theme carrying a retro motorcycle. If you don’t have one already, don’t worry the seller’s got you covered because there is a little 19789 Yamaha GT80 Enduro at the back that is included in the sale. 

The Hilux hails from 1985, and it sports Ivan “Ironman” Stewart graphics. The seller acquired the truck back in 2017 and started work on it in the same year. Aftermarket wheels were fitted to it as well as a set of BFGoodrich tires. The air conditioning system was also reworked and replaced along with the shock absorbers and the battery. Everything is in working order, and the future owner will be able to enjoy a myriad of other quality parts fitted, like the KC Lights, spray-in bed liner, and an auxiliary gauge pod with an inclinometer and altimeter. 

1985 Toyota Hilux With Yamaha GT80
1985 Toyota Hilux With Yamaha GT80

Now, all that’s well and good, but its greatest accessory is the 1978 Yamaha GT80 Enduro riding on its bed. The minibike’s powered by a 72cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission. It’s finished in red and white, and it features Autolube oil injection, street lighting, dual rear shocks, and drums on both wheels. The bike currently has about 1,200 miles on the clock. 

So to get to this little peach of a minibike, you have to buy a truck first. At least you won’t have to bring a trailer for this listing on Bring a Trailer. The current bid for this dynamic duo is $35,000 USD. 

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