The Super Soco CPx Electric Maxi-Scooter Arrives In North America

Super Soco is a popular electric two-wheeler manufacturer headquartered in Australia. The company has established quite a strong presence across Europe, Asia, and Australia, thanks to its premium electric motorcycles and scooters boasting loads of high-end tech, and not to mention head-turning designs. Following ongoing success in these markets, the company has decided to pull the trigger on market expansion in the North American market.

The Super Soco brand has debuted in the North American market starting with Canada, with the CPx electric maxi-scooter. The CPx is a popular electric scooter across the world, and is lauded for its styling, practicality, and technology. As is the case with all electric two-wheelers, however, the CPx is more attune to the urban setting, as it returns around 93 miles of range. As such, it may be a good idea to take the “maxi-scooter” label with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, the CPx is extremely popular and, according to popular news publication NewsWire, is even rated in the top five electric maxi-scooters in the world.

Super Soco CPx Electric Maxi Scooter

The Super Soco CPx delivers similar performance as that of a 125cc gasoline-powered scooter. It makes use of a hub motor mounted to a single-sided swingarm. This makes rear wheel service such as tire changes and general cleaning a lot easier. The electric motor is capable of churning out a peak power output of 4.8kW or around 5.4 horsepower, thus propelling the CPx to a top speed of 56 miles per hour. The CPx is available in two battery options with the single battery option sporting a 2.7 kWh battery, and the dual option doubling its capacity at 5.4 kWh, capable of returning an impressive range of 150 kilometers, or 93 miles.

Super Soco CPx Electric Maxi Scooter
Super Soco CPx Electric Maxi Scooter

Three riding modes which limit the bike’s top speed make it easier for riders to manage their battery life. You can choose between a 45-kilometer per hour (28-mile per hour) limit for around town duties, a 65-kilometer per hour (40-mile per hour) limit for when roads begin to open up, and a 90-kilometer per hour (56-mile per hour) setting for hitting the open road. As far as pricing is concerned, the CPx starts from $6,900CAD ($5,443 USD) for the single battery version, while the dual battery option will set you back $8,700 CAD ($6,919 USD). The Super Soco CPx comes with an impressive two-year vehicle warranty, and a three-year battery and motor warranty.

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