The SENA sound revolution marches on – new HD speakers …

Do you ride connected? And by that, I mean, do you ride with an intercom on your lid to keep you contactable and nodding your head to your favourite tunes? SENA is hoping it’s a resounding yes – and particularly so with their latest update to the popular 20S Evo intercom unit, which now comes as standard with HD audio!

The top-selling 30K intercom will also be shipped as standard with the premium speaker units, which are built to conveniently fit into most helmet’s inner lining. At least, the speakers fit snuggly in my AGV K6 Minimal lid. The high def speakers also unlock the customisation ability in the SENA app, so you can fine-tune the audio levels and boost the bass if you fancy it.

The upgraded speakers are billed as perfect for providing a refined listening experience for your music, phone calls, intercom use & route guidance ‘and more’. I’m currently rocking the SENA 10C Evo which came with the standard speakers, and whilst they’re good enough I can certainly see the room for a bit more clarity – and I’m hardly an audiophile. 

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