The One Moto Electa Is An All-Electric Vespa Lookalike

You may never have heard of One Moto before. However, one quick trip to their official website makes it clear that this British mobility startup stands a chance of revolutionizing the lightweight electric mobility game, at least in terms of styling and aesthetics. Now, most new electric two-wheelers feature futuristic styling accentuated by jagged edges and angular bodywork. Even electric machines calling themselves neo-retro look this way.

The One Moto Electa Is An All-Electric Vespa Lookalike

One Moto and its classic-style electric machines certainly serves as a breath of fresh air in the rapidly growing LEV market. One Moto’s newest two-wheeler, the Electa, is precisely that. It’s an all-electric scooter that features styling similar to what we see in classic Vespas and Lambrettas. It features a roud headlight, curved footboard, and streamlined body panels. At a glance, you could mistake it for a classic scooter, say a Vespa Smallframe from the 1960s. 

Now, beneath the One Moto Electa’s classic styling lies a thoroughly modern electric scooter with modern-day amenities. It features Bluetooth smartphone integration via its digital instrument pod, and even has a dedicated smartphone app. The app unlocks IoT features such as geo-fencing for tracking purposes, maintenance alerts, and even riding analysis to help you maximize your battery’s efficiency. 

The One Moto Electa Is An All-Electric Vespa Lookalike

As for performance, the Electa is pretty impressive, too. It promises a range of 150 kilometers, or 93 miles on a single charge. Its battery consists of a 72V, 45 Ah, lithium-ion unit which can be removed and charged separately. It takes around four hours to fully charge the battery. Meanwhile, the scooter is powered by a brushless DC motor with 3.2 kW, or 4.3 horsepower of continuous output, and is capable of hitting a top speed of 60 miles per hour. The little scooter tips the scales at just 115 kilograms, and has a carrying capacity of 150 kilograms. 

One Moto has dealerships in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and India. The Electa retails for the equivalent of around $4,500 USD, making it a rather impressive option, value and performance-wise. 

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