The New Vertigo Titanium R Is A Lightweight Trials Bike Built To Win

Vertigo Motors, a Spanish off-road racing manufacturer, has set the bar in terms of trials bike performance. The new Titanium R Limited Edition is touted as one of the game’s lightest and most agile bikes. The new machine  is without a doubt the most exclusive trials motorbike in the business, with an ultra-lightweight titanium chassis and a new titanium shock absorber support.

The New Vertigo Titanium R Is A Lightweight Trials Bike Built To Win

Another premium feature on offer is the detachable clutch mechanism cover, which helps to set this model apart from the competition. Riders will be able to service their bikes more easily, as well as upgrade clutch components based on their preferences. To make things even better, the Titanium R is equipped with some of the best suspension components on the market, including Tech Factory Kashima Gold forks, which, when combined with the 3-way Reiger shock absorber, deliver superb riding dynamics. The user can easily customize the parameters to suit their needs.

The Raptor footpegs, which provide excellent grip and feel, are another unique feature of the Titanium R. Like the limited series chassis plate, they have the bike’s serial number engraved on them. The titanium muffler, which is one of Vertigo’s most prized components, is also standard equipment on the Titanium R. A gloss black CNC machined brake pedal is also included in the list of premium components. Lastly, a redesigned intake manifold with a built-in temperature and pressure sensor is included in the new bike’s performance upgrades.

The New Vertigo Titanium R Is A Lightweight Trials Bike Built To Win

The Titanium R also comes with a new 6mm Costa Parts crankcase protector made of lightweight, yet robust 7075 aluminum, which provides great protection to the bike’s key components in the event of a fall. The carbon caps on the sides of the engine also help to protect the bike from bumps and scratches in the most vulnerable regions, increasing its reliability and reducing the need for regular repair and maintenance.

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