The New NOS NS-8 Helmet Can Be Customized For The Perfect Fit

If you’re one who enjoys going on long, whole-day rides out of town, then you’re probably really picky when it comes to your helmets. Apart from being there to protect us in the event of a crash, comfort is also on the top of a good helmet’s job description. While all helmets come in a variety of sizes, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the absolute perfect fit—something that could turn a long road trip into a literal headache. 

NOS Helmets is a fledgling helmet manufacturer headquartered in Italy. Its newest model, the NS-8, is a modular touring and sport-touring helmet that’s designed, first and foremost, to deliver uncompromising levels of comfort on long hours on the saddle. It also comes equipped with a built-in microphone which can be integrated into either a proprietary NOS-3S intercom, or a SENA 3S. Stlye-wise, the NS-8 adopts a rather simple, no-frills aesthetic, similar to what we find in other mid-tier modular lids.

The New NOS NS-8 Helmet Can Be Customized For The Perfect Fit
The New NOS NS-8 Helmet Can Be Customized For The Perfect Fit

However, where the NOS NS-8 sets itself apart is in fit and comfort. Instead of coming in pre-cut sizes, the NS-8 can be customized to perfectly fit your head and face. You can even opt for multiple sets of cheek pads which offer different levels of fit and snugness. Furthermore, specific pads with varying thicknesses can be selected, to offer the perfect fit in both open and closed positions. Noise is also kept at bay thanks to NOS’ MACH-Efficiency ventilation system, allowing you to open and close vents to adjust airflow and eliminate wind noise when traveling at speed. 

The new NOS NS-8 modular helmet will certainly suit the style of a vast array of riders. It’s available in a whopping twelve color options from subtle and nondescript plain colors such as white, black, and matte titanium, all the way to stylish an eye-catching graphic options like Triton Fluor Red Matte and Dynamic Fluor Yellow. It retails for an affordable 219 Euros, or $247 USD (now on sale for just 209 Euros, or the equivalent of $236 USD), and is available online and in-store in BER Stores in Italy.

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