The Erode Backpack Incorporates A Built-In Back Protector

If you ride around with a backpack, have you ever stopped to think about how the things you put in your bag, as well as the position of the bag itself could affect you in the event of a crash? This is especially true if you ride with an ordinary, non-motorcycle-specific backpack that doesn’t incorporate any impact or abrasion protection.

The Erode Backpack Incorporates A Built-In Back Protector

Now a French startup that goes by the name Erode has come up with an innovative solution that’s perfect for folks relying on two-wheelers for daily transport. The Blackout backpack took three years of research to perfect, and features an integrated back protector, as well as impact and abrasion resistant zones. The brainchild of Julien Guery, the Erode Blackout backpack is a versatile, all-around backpack that offers both practicality and safety—definitely a nifty piece of practical and protective gear.

When it comes to protection, the backpack comes with an outer shell with impact-absorbing properties. This outer shell is also made out of a durable, abrasion resistant textile. Upon impact, energy is transferred to the dorsal plates found on the sides of the bag, which absorb even more shock, preventing energy transfer to the person wearing the bag. The whole setup works similarly to how crumple zones in modern-day automobiles work. In fact, Erode claims that the Blackout backpack is able to reduce impact force more effectively than a standard level 2 back protector. 

The Erode Backpack Incorporates A Built-In Back Protector

Safety aside, Erode’s backpack is pretty versatile, too, even off the bike. It comes with easily accessible Fidlock magnetic closures, adjustable straps, and YKK waterproof zippers. The same protective film that gives the backpack its abrasion resistant properties also makes it water-repellant, making it ideal for all-weather use. With all these features on the table, it’s pretty impressive that Erode is offering the backpack with a two-year warranty. It does, however, come at a premium, retailing at 440 Euros, or the equivalent of $497 USD. International delivery is offered on Erode’s official website linked below.

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