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There are some famous motorcycle routes all over the country: Mulholland Highway, Beartooth Highway, Blue Ridge Parkway, The Tail of the Dragon, just to name a few. As fun as these roads are, one thing remains true: you’ll always find a local who claims to know much better roads that are far less crowded. That then reignites your wanderlust to visit those roads. Or, if time is limited, you’ll wish you had gone to those roads instead. In the end, local knowledge is invaluable, and we, as motorcyclists, tend to take pride in knowing about “the good roads” nobody else knows about. But the fact of the matter is that you can’t possibly know every winding road throughout this lovely country. So, what do you do?

You can turn to a map. But those are bulky, and you have to take the time to find a suitable road. Then you have to hope it’s as good in person as it looks on the map. You can also try a GPS, but there’s a problem: most GPS apps and devices try to get you from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time or distance. As motorcyclists we want the exact opposite!

Hello calimoto

The calimoto app is different. calimoto’s unique algorithm finds the curviest and most scenic motorcycle routes away from busy streets or monotonous, straight roads. It’s just the thing motorcyclists are looking for because calimoto‘s maps are specifically designed for riders. Winding parts of a road are highlighted and relevant points of interest (POI) like gas stations, campsites, biker hangouts, tourist attractions, and more, are shown directly in the map. Visual and audio turn-by-turn motorcycle navigation allow the rider to shift the focus away from navigating the streets, to enjoying the riding experience.

Founded in 2016, calimoto is an all-in-one motorcycle app that maximizes all aspects of motorcycling – from the riding aspect to the social one. It helps users discover previously unknown motorcycle-friendly roads, provides a cost-efficient and intuitive navigation solution, and functions as a platform to meet other like-minded riders. With its unique Winding Roads Algorithm, the app finds and plans routes with the curviest, most scenic roads, making each ride a thrilling experience!

Calimoto 2

With over 3 million users, calimoto is the market leader among motorcycle navigation apps. Whether it’s the way it plans their rides, the way it stays hungry for adventure, or the way it allows you to connect within the communities – calimoto offers a fresh vision of what motorcycling can be.

Round Trips

More than just a curvy navigation service, calimoto also has other features to enhance the riding experience. The Round Trips feature enables motorcyclists to discover new roads by generating a random ride. Direction and trip length can be selected and then the app will automatically find the best round trip around the user’s location.

Recommended Rides

Calimoto Route Planning

You might be wondering how calimoto knows about all these routes and how it decides which ones to suggest to you. Well, each tour recommendation is made possible by the contribution of calimoto users all over the world. These users ride their favorite roads, rate them in the app, and voila – their secret is now in your hands. In the app or on the web, users can browse our collection and get inspired to discover a new area, or search for the perfect motorcycle ride with our detailed sort & filter function. If, after looking at the suggested route, the trip isn’t quite perfect yet, these recommendations can each be edited individually.

Route Options

Let’s say you do need to get somewhere within a set period of time, but halfway through you find yourself ahead of schedule. What then? The calimoto app can also act like a “normal” motorcycle GPS app and get you where you need to be, but for situations like this it can offer much more. For example, different route options can be set for the whole trip or sections of the route between each waypoint. Users can choose between:

  • Fastest route
  • Fastest route avoiding highways
  • Twisty route (default)
  • Super twisty route

Ride History

Calimoto Twisties

What good is going on a ride and then forgetting about it later, having not kept track of where you’ve been so you or others can enjoy it in the future? With the calimoto app, your ride history is kept in the app’s Log Book. This is the user’s individual collection of future and past rides including statistics like max speed, altitude and lean angle calculation. Tracked and navigated routes are automatically saved, and can be rated according to fun factor, scenery and road condition. For more riding fun together, users can share trips with their friends or the whole community, allowing motorcyclists from all over the world to find the best rides.

Worried about losing control of the app if you ride out of cell service? Don’t be. calimoto’s offline GPS mode includes the app’s full range of functionality, so you can still enjoy everything calimoto has to offer, even when you’re riding up in the hills and away from a cell tower. What’s more, the app is super simple to use: there’s no more complicated data imports, exports, or updating. Every route can be shared via link or within the app to other calimoto users easily.

Now, Go Ride!

Intrigued? Go try the calimoto app for yourself. If you use the trial code Motorcycle4, you get four weeks of calimoto Premium. You can redeem the trial code by following this link and downloading calimoto. Unlock the app’s full potential and discover your new favorite road. This offer code is redeemable February 1-7, 2022.

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