The 2022 SYM Husky ADV Is Ready For Your Adventures

Scooters have well and truly gone a long way from where they once were half a century ago. With maxi-scooters becoming increasingly popular across Europe and Asia, a more recent trend suggests that people are looking for more versatile scooter platforms that are capable of light off-road riding.

The 2022 SYM Husky ADV Is Ready For Your Adventures

This trend was started by the Honda X-ADV when it first hit the market in 2016. Several manufacturers tried to follow suit, but somehow couldn’t manage the performance capabilities of Big Red’s machines. In 2019, Honda dialed things down and released the ADV 150—a smash hit across Asia at first, Honda decided to launch the little adventure scooter in the U.S. and Europe, too. That being said, there definitely is some space in the market for more lightweight, adventure-ready scooters. This is something Taiwanese manufacturer SYM is looking forward to capitalizing on.

At EICMA 2021, SYM unveiled what is quite practically a direct response to the ADV 150. It’s the Husky ADV—not to be confused with a certain Swedish brand with Nordic attributes, the Husky ADV from SYM is first and foremost, a commuting machine meant for in and around town. It does, however, get adventure-oriented styling which suggests that it could be able to handle just a little more than what your average little scooter can. It gets long-travel suspension and a back-link, offset rear monoshock, dual-purpose tires, and large front and rear disc brakes complete with ABS.

The 2022 SYM Husky ADV Is Ready For Your Adventures
The 2022 SYM Husky ADV Is Ready For Your Adventures

From a performance standpoint, the SYM Husky ADV stacks up nicely against the competition. It features a 150cc, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel-injection, single-cylinder engine. It makes around 14.6 horsepower, giving it plenty of pep in its step, be it on tight urban roads, suburban streets, or the occasional fire road. Nighttime visibility is assured with premium LED lights all around, as well as a fancy full-color TFT display which automatically adjusts its brightness depending on ambient lighting.

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