The 2022 Honda Scoopy SH350i Gets Minor Updates In Europe

Scoopy fans rejoice, there is a mild update. In the last update, Big ‘H’ gave the market a larger displacement engine and a substantial redesign. Now, however, it’s a more mild improvement to the lineup, in the form of some new colors and a “Sporty Edition” to spice things up. 

For the 2022 model year in Europe, the SH350i will see a few new colors joining the lineup. Matte Carnelian Red Metallic, Matte Ruthenium Silver Metallic, Pearl Splendor Red, and Pearl Splendor Black are the new hues to look out for. These colorways are available for the standard model of the Scoopy. 

2022 Honda Scoopy SH350i

As for the “spicier” Sporty Edition, you will see two special colors for this variation of the SH350i from Honda, Pearl Falcon Gray, and Metallic Blacky Gray. A little more attention to detail is given to the paint schemes of the Sporty Edition, namely with matte gray wheels, fork legs, a rear rack, and even engine covers. The icing on the cake would be the red and gray wheel stripes, plus the red stitching on the seat. Oh, and throw in a red Honda badge while you’re at it for some added sportiness. 

2022 Honda Scoopy SH350i
2022 Honda Scoopy SH350i

Again, everything still remains the same underneath the seat for this mild update. It still uses Honda’s updated 329cc single-cylinder engine and produces a healthy 29 horsepower, a notable upgrade from the previous generation’s powerplant which was down by 50ccs worth of displacement. It’s also electronically fuel-injected as well and it weighs in at just a little over 380 pounds. 

European license regulations put this bike in the A2 category as well, so if you want one, you may have to move on from the A1 license first. Given that it has ample amounts of power and a hefty serving of convenience, it should make for a great city slicker. Though, Honda does like to make it inconvenient for you to want one because you’ll likely be hard-pressed to choose which new color or edition is the best among the bunch.

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