Take The All One Lima LT Gloves On Your Next Chilly Ride

When riding in cold weather, your extremities are usually the first to go. Being far away from your center, blood can’t flow fast enough to deliver warmth. As such, it’s imperative that you get a set of effective gloves in order to keep your composure on the bike.

Though, it’s understandable how a lot of riders turn leather gloves into winter gloves given how expensive winter-specific gear can be. It’s basic math, the more layers that a manufacturer has to sew into a garment, the more expensive it will be to the end consumer. That, and, considering that winter gloves can’t always be used year-long, it’s an extra expense that you need to splurge on if you don’t want to feel the chill of the winter season.

Even with all the insulation and protection that the All One Lima LT Gloves offer, it’s fairly well priced for what it is. It’s new for Gants’ winter collection and is priced at about $90 USD (€79.99 EUR).

Even if it’s on the more affordable end of the spectrum, it still comes with goatskin on the palm, and CE Level 1 armor on the knuckles and joints. The gloves also come with a waterproof membrane that’s also breathable. Thinsulate also lines the inside to provide protection from cold weather, and a long cuff helps you keep you cool from your wrist to your fingertip. To seal you away from the bite of winter, two velcro straps are present, and zip was also added for easy on and off.

Dafy All One Lima LT Winter Gloves

Other convenience features include gussets for the fingers, as well as a touchscreen-compatible fingertip. One thing that you give up though, is a squeegee to wipe away frost and fog.

Sizes range from XXS to XXXL, and it’s under a hundred bucks for a pair. 

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