Suzuki Updates Beginner-Friendly GSX-R 125 For 2022

Young, newbie riders in Europe have no choice but to start out on small-displacement motorcycles, particularly 125cc machines packing no more than 15 ponies. This is due to strict licensing regulations which require young motorcyclists to start out with something small, before biting the bullet on faster, high-performance machines.

While the notion of having to wait a couple of years before you’re able to buy your dream bike may be hard to swallow, there are indeed a number of interesting beginner-friendly options which present themselves as the perfect gateway drug for new riders. Suzuki is looking to increase its competitive edge in this segment with the GSX-R and GSX-S 125. These two bikes take the ethos of their bigger siblings, the 750 and 1000, and dial things down by a huge margin.

Suzuki Updates Beginner-Friendly GSX-R 125 For 2022
Suzuki Updates Beginner-Friendly GSX-R 125 For 2022

The GSX-R and GSX-S are generally identical in terms of architecture, and are differentiated only by their bodywork. The GSX-R wears a full-fairing, while the GSX-S adopts a more traditional naked bike approach. Underneath the bodywork, the 2022 models sport a 124.6cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder motor. As opposed to the outgoing models, the new engine now revs higher by 500 RPM, eking out just a tad more grunt at 15 horsepower, and of course, the ever-important Euro 5 compliance.

The new Suzuki GSX-S and GSX-R 125 models will begin making their way into European dealerships early on in 2022. The naked GSX-S will be sold in three colors—blue, black, and white; while the GSX-R will feature two colorways in the form of blue and black, both sporting Suzuki race-inspired liveries. The prices for the new bikes have yet to be revealed, however, expect them to be priced similarly to their other 125cc competitors, at around the ballpark of 3,600 Euros, or around $4,100 USD. 

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