Super Soco Releases Limited-Edition JL99 CUMini Scooter

Out of all the brands that have begun to make their presence felt in the lightweight electric motorcycle and scooter segment, Super Soco is definitely one that stands out. The brand, which finds its roots in China and Australia, has flexed its muscles with some truly noteworthy machines such as the CPx electric maxi-scooter, and the TC Max naked style motorcycle. In March, 2021, the company announced a partnership with retired MotoGP World Champion, Jorge Lorenzo.

Since the start of the partnership, the Spanish motorcycle racer could be seen posting numerous photos aboard a good number of Super Soco machines on his official instagram account. At EICMA 2021, Super Soco took the partnership a step further by unveiling a special JL99 edition of the CUMini electric scooter, a lightweight, beginner-friendly runabout that’s perfect for around-town commuting. As expected, the JL99 CUMini features some distinct attributes that set it apart from the standard scooter. Let’s take a closer look at what the lucky owners of this limited-edition scooter have to look forward to.

Super Soco Releases Limited-Edition JL99 CUMini Scooter

For starters, the JL99 edition CUMini features a special livery which consists of a black base with red accents. Jorge Lorenzo’s signature racing number, 99, features prominently in the scooter’s livery. Apart from the special colorway, the JL99 CUMini gets upgraded features such as LED headlights, a color-matched top-case for added utility, and Rizoma components such as mirrors, turn signals, and levers. For even more practicality, Super Soco is throwing in a free backpack that comes with a backup battery and USB port to charge your devices while riding. Owners of the limited-edition scooter get a numbered aluminum plate to signify the bike’s authenticity.

Apart from the special features, the JL99 Edition CUMini retains its friendly, easygoing nature. From a performance standpoint, the CUMini is Super Soco’s most entry-level offering, with a top speed of just 30 miles per hour. It packs a tiny 600W brushless electric motor, and offers around 38 miles on a single charge.

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