Study shows 90% of bikers would reject the ban on new p…

In a recent survey conducted by FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) to find out opinions on motorcycle emissions, a huge majority (92.91%) were found to be completely opposed to any proposed ban on the sale of petrol-powered motorcycles. 

The online survey was conducted in July & August 2021 in 12 different languages, with a total of 23,768 people responding to express their displeasure in any proposed ban. Further, 76% would rather switch to an alternative mode of transport rather than ride a non-emissions motorcycle. 

Interestingly (and perhaps the most worrying for electric manufacturers) is that the 90% disapproval does not waiver between age groups, with no significant difference in opinion noted across ages. The disapproval rate does not drop below 80% when filtered by country, either. 

53.38% of riders would stop riding completely if they couldn’t ride a new petrol-powered bike, and of those willing to make the electric switch, 88.75% would categorically not want to pay more for an electric machine than combustion. If fossil fuel bikes were banned from the roads completely (thereby including old models), 58.92% of riders would stop riding. 

The UK and EU are planning to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles in 2035, or thereabouts. 

It’s a particularly disproportionate trend – and without getting all political – there appears to be a severe disconnect between what the majority of riders want and what is going to be enforced. Whether or not these survey respondents have sampled an electric motorcycle on the road or not remains to be seen, but with such a large survey sample these opinions really need to be addressed by those enforcing the laws. 

FEMA survey finds a petrol-powered motorcycle ban would not be well received…

Worth mentioning that despite the thrills to be had on electric bikes like the Energica Eva Ribelle that we reviewed, the price point and typical e-negatives (charging and range) will need to be addressed before a ban is enforced. Would they be addressed ahead of a ban?

It’s an interesting topic, and if you’d like to see the full results of the survey they are available here on the FEMA site

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