Start The Year Right With This Beautiful 1964 BMW R69S

What you’re looking at here is a piece of motorcycling history that has greatly influenced what modern motorcycles have become. The BMW R69, first introduced in 1955, was once the pinnacle of luxury motorcycling with enthusiasts of the time calling it the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. in 1960, BMW gave the R69 a performance boost and renamed it the R69S. When new, it was factory rated at 42 horsepower, quite a lot of grunt for the era. 

Start The Year Right With This Beautiful 1964 BMW R69S

These days, the BMW R69S continues to be a highly sought-after piece among enthusiasts and collectors. It sleek styling was way ahead of its time. In fact, BMW’s newest luxury cruiser, the R 18, has clearly taken some inspiration from the R69S’ timeless aesthetics. That being said, if by any chance you have at least $25,000 burning a gaping hole in your pocket, now may be the perfect time for you to snap up a pristine BMW R69S for your collection.

Listed at no reserve, with the standing bid as of this writing at $25,000, this 1964 BMW R69S can be yours, provided that you’re willing to shell out more cash until bidding closes on January 8, 2022. This bike is in exemplary condition, apart from a chip on the left side of the tank which has been filled in with black marker. It was acquired by the selling dealer in 2012, and underwent a full restoration by none other than Sonoma Classic Motorbikes of California. The resto-job consisted of a repaint, engine overhaul, replacement of the wiring harness, new bearings, and refreshed hardware. 

Start The Year Right With This Beautiful 1964 BMW R69S
Start The Year Right With This Beautiful 1964 BMW R69S

The bike is powered by a 594cc OHV horizontally opposed twin—an early iteration of BMW’s classic boxer engine. It pumped out 42 horsepower when new, and breathes through two Bing 1/26 carburetors and a chrome dual exhaust system. In preparation for the sale, the petcock and fuel lines were replaced, and the wiring harness was repaired. It’s also worth noting that this bike has matching serial numbers on the headstock, frame, and engine case, indicating that this bike is a factory-original unit. Oh yeah, did I mention that this bike won the award for Best Motorcycle at the 2016 Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance in Englewood, Colorado?

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