Specifications of the upcoming Kawasaki Z650RS are leaked!

First was the whispers growing louder following the announcement of the Z900RS SE, then came a mysterious ‘Retrovolution’ trailer that… didn’t really reveal anything. Now there is some leaked documentation that confirms some of the spec of the upcoming Kawasaki Z650RS – and with it, the existence of the latest Kawasaki Z650RS. 

The eagle-eyed amongst you may be keeping up with the Japanese manufacturer’s YouTube page also, where a new trailer was released on the 7th of September asking you to pen a September 27th date. Also on screen for a split second is an older Z650 conveniently placed in frame behind the protagonists of the 7 second skit. 

So, yes, a Z650RS is definitely coming, and it’s likely to be launched fully in 2022 – but what’s the spec looking like?

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