Special Edition track-only Honda CBR1000RR-R Spa 100 re…

ONE of Europe’s most iconic racetracks turns 100 years old this year, and a Belgian endurance racing team is commemorating it, with a special edition Honda CBR1000RR-R Spa 100 trackday bike.

It may look pretty much identical to the production bike, but beneath the race fairings, the Spa 100 has been fettled and tweaked to make it the ultimate track-only weapon.

First off, all road-riding paraphernalia has been removed, meaning no mirrors lights or number plate hanger – obviously. Then the bike is handed to Mario Kupper, a renowned race bike specialist – to sort the oily bits ready for the track.

The Showa BPF front suspension system is gifted some extra poise and control, with the Öhlins cartridges slotted into the 43mm forks. That’s mated to an Öhlins TTX rear shock and matching steering damper. The ABS system has also been deleted, with all the hoses replaced with braided items and a Corsacorta master cylinder added.

Internally the engine has also been given the once over, with a new HRC engine management system and loom, that is helped along by a lovely looking titanium full system exhaust from Arrow. The bike is finished with GBRacing engine protectors, adjustable rearsets, new clip-ons, and some super sticky Dunlop slick hoops for maximum track attack.

The official price for the bike is yet to be confirmed, although given the amount of work and parts that went into it – and the fact that it’ll now be considerably lighter and slightly more powerful – it’s likely to be costing a fair chunk more than its road-going cousin.

Interested parties can contact the team on: info@dgsport.eu

Source: MotoPlanete

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