Skyline Trailers-A Good Choice in Towable RV’s

Skyline Trailers are non-motorized recreational vehicles in many styles that are consistently near the top of their class for luxury and dependability. They are designed, built, and sold by the same company. Every region of the country has their own special design features depending on the “look” that the customer wants. Skyline trailers come in travel trailers, fifth wheels, and ramp trailers as well as destination camping vehicles. If you are looking for an RV trailer, you may want to take a closer look.

There are many reasons why a person may want to buy a non-motorized RV rather than a motorized. Some of it may have to do with the price. Generally, the trailers are quite a bit less expensive than a comparably equipped motorized model. You can get Skyline Trailers with a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, entertainment center, and so on, for tens of thousands less than you would pay for a motor home or a coach. Another reason that people would want to choose a towable RV rather than a motorized one, would be the convenience. Once you reach your destination, whether you are camping in the mountains or spending a week visiting with family in another state, you can simply park the trailer and leave it. You don’t have to worry about towing a car when you use one of the Skyline Trailers.

If you are unfamiliar with the types of trailers available here is a short description along with some information on the models that Skyline Trailers offers.

Ramp Trailers: this is sometimes called a toy hauler and it is a trailer that can open up at the far end and it has a ramp up to it. You can then drive a small vehicle like an ATV or a motorcycle right up into the trailer. It also has all of the amenities of a travel trailer such as a sleeping area, dining area, etc. Skyline Trailers offers three models: Rampage, Freestyle, and Trailrider.

Travel Trailers: these can be towed with a regular tow hitch that is rated for the weight of the trailer. They often have sleeping for 2 to 6 or more people and a small kitchen and bath area. Sometimes they also have entertainment options available. Skyline Trailers makes Nomad, Aljo, Weekender, Layton, and Seaview.

Fifth Wheels: These are fairly spacious trailers with a special hitch mounted in the back of a truck much like you would see on an eighteen wheeler. Similar in style to the travel trailer they have extra storage or sleeping space above the hitch. The models that Skyline Trailers makes are: Nomad, Aljo, and Layton.

Destination Camping Vehicles: These are designed for longer stays and are bigger than other trailers. Seaview, Stone Harbor, and Forest Brook are the Skyline models available.

One thing that makes Skyline Trailers fairly unique is that they are all independently certified by Underwriters Laboratories to be 100% safe and well-built. Each trailer is checked before it is delivered or sold.

If you are interested in a trailer, you might want to take a look at Skyline.

Source by Eriani Doyel

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