Singapore-Based GSS Energy Acquires Edison Motors Of Thailand

At this point, it’s clear that electric mobility is the future of transportation all across the world. As developments surrounding battery technology and electric powertrains develops, manufacturing costs are driven down, causing electric two-wheelers to become more reliable and more affordable than ever before. This is especially evident in parts of Asia and Europe, where lightweight electric motorbikes are the perfect way to get around town. 

In Southeast Asia, in particular, a new development in the lightweight EV industry stands the chance to bring new and exciting machines to the market. Singaporean company GSS Energy has recently closed a deal with Thailand-based company Edison Motors. GSS Energy, through its subsidiary, Giken Mobility, has acquired the Thai company for a reported cost of SGD 7.53 million, or around $5.5 million USD. Along with the purchase of the company, GSS Energy now owns all of Edison Motors’ proprietary patents, consisting of battery and electric motor technology rights.

Singapore-Based GSS Energy Acquires Edison Motors Of Thailand
Singapore-Based GSS Energy Acquires Edison Motors Of Thailand

GSS Energy, through Giken Mobility and the recently acquried Edison Motors, seeks to expand into the rapidly growing personal mobility segment. In various Asian countries, Singapore specifically, electric scooters and motorcycles stand the chance to revolutionize mobility, both in terms of cost and environmental sustainability. In Thailand, Edison Motors has already developed two electric two-wheeler platforms. Following the acquisition of the company, we can expect to see many more electric scooter options in Asia. 

Meanwhile, Giken Mobility of Singapore is developing its own machine, the Iso Uno-X scooter. This futuristic electric runabout features clean lines and a space-age design. Powered by a, 8.5 kW electric motor, it will certainly make for quite the versatile commuter once it hits the market. This scooter was named after the historic ISO Rivolta car and motorcycle company in Italy.

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