Schuberth Launches New C5 Modular Street Helmet

German-made Schuberth helmets are known for being one of the most expensive lids in the market. Loved by sport-tourers and long-distance riders, Schuberth’s helmets are known for being extremely quiet and comfortable, while adhering to the most stringent safety standards. No wonder they fetch such a hefty price tag. That said, it’s no surprise that Schuberth has decided to make its helmets even better—it is a German company, after all. 

On October 28, 2021, Schuberth took to social media to premiere its latest technology in the helmet world. The C5 is the culmination of years of research, development, and technological innovation. Schuberth claims that it’s the most comfortable helmet in its lineup, sporting enhancements in fit, ventilation, and safety features which put it a league above the rest. The Schuberth C5 employs a flip-up modular design that makes it a versatile lid for in-city use, as well as long stints on the freeway. 

Schuberth Launches New C5 Street Helmet

Schuberth execs stated that it took them more than 20,000 hours of design work to come up with the new helmet. 400 additional hours of road testing were performed on the new lid, with 2,000 helmets run through their paces. Testing included both real-world, on-road usage, as well as in-house testing at Schuberth’s R&D center, which is even equipped with its own wind tunnel. All this was done to ensure that consumers would get nothing but the best when it came to comfort and safety. The all new Schuberth C5, unsurprisingly, meets all of Europe’s safety standards, and complies with the newest ECE-R 22.06 safety standard.

It gets double homologation certification, so you can wear it with the lid flipped up while on the go. This is a major step forward in terms of safety, as older Schuberth helmets were certified only with the chin bar in the closed position. What’s more is that the C5 gets enhanced ventilation properties thanks to a redesigned airflow system. It even has an integrated air filter which can be removed and replaced. Schuberth claims that this helmet is lighter and quieter than any of its previous helmets, with wind noise reduced to just 85 dB while aboard a naked bike traveling at 60 miles per hour. 

The Schuberth C5 retails for around the 550-Euro ($640 USD) mark, depending on where in the world you’re located, as well as your color of choice. In Schuberth’s website, the C5 is available in a total of 12 color options—with eight graphic options, and four solid color options. The C5 can also be purchased with an optional Sena communicator which integrates seamlessly into the helmet’s shell.

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