Satomari Motorcycle’s Elegant 1982 Shovelhead

Photos: Kazuo Matsumoto

Satomari Motorcycle in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, recently What started as Harley shop tackling the basics: motorcycle sales, maintenance/inspections, and thank God for us all, custom motorcycle building. After seeing their stuff on Instagram, we dove deeper and fell in love with the versatile stylings of this elegant looking Shovelhead.

We caught up with Satomari owner, Yusaku Sato, who gave us the rundown on his shop. Running the gamut from chopper to scrambler to something more timeless yet far from simple like this 1982 Shovelhead, the versatile customizer has been building custom Harley-Davidsons for more than 10 years. 

“Since I was in elementary school, I participated in races and motocross and grew up in an environment where motorcycles are familiar,” Yusaku says. 

By using a double caliper for the rear brake, both the front brake lever and the rear brake pedal can be used in harmony. 

At first Satomari started by making the frame who paid an unhealthy level of attention to getting the lines perfect. It all started with the neck and getting a straight line from there. The neck section was made with a casting feel and the exterior followed suit. 

In terms of fab work, you’ll find plenty of intricately designed components throughout. Yusaku embedded a speedometer in the tank. The rear fender was made by knocking it out with iron plates. “It took a long time,” Yusaku remembers. The aluminum part of the oil tank under the seat is removable and also acts as the electrical box. The swingarm is made with an edgy feel–Yusaku was conscious of the axle mount of the round swingarm and paid close attention in getting it just right. 

For wheels, the combination of a 23-inch polished spoke wheel up front, and 17-inch polished spoke wheel in the rear were the perfect combo for the overall stance. The front fork incorporates 39mm triple clamps with 41mm fork tubes in which Yusaku had to “process” the trees to get the larger diameter tubes to work. 

Overall, Yusaku was very pleased with the outcome of the motorcycle. “It’s narrow but macho, and it goes great with 23-inch wheel,” he says. 

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