Royal Enfield Continental GT – A Class Apart

When it comes to biking very few bikes can boast of attaining unparalleled fame and customer confidence ever since they were marketed. The Royal Enfield bikes are among the few bikes, which enjoys continuous customer confidence and high popularity. Any person who love biking, and have ridden a Royal Enfield is sure to fall in love with the beast, despite its bulky frame and somewhat traditional looks. These bikes oozes majestic feel and can excite the bike lovers by the mere sight or even by sound. The familiar thumping sound of a Royal Enfield bike brings a thrilling feel into the minds of bike lovers.

Although the Royal Enfield Classic, or the Bullet as it is popularly known, is the most favourite and most common bike from the stables of the maker, the bikes like Royal Enfield Continental GT also claim a lot of interest, more so among the people who love tour biking and such adventures.

One of the most powerful bikes by the maker, the Royal Enfield Continental GT comes with a typical café racer styling and design language. Loaded with many attractive features, this bike is a carrier of a rich legacy as well. The Royal Enfield Continental GT was initially introduced during the 1965s. It caught the instant attention of the bikers, especially among the café biking enthusiasts, creating a huge demand for the bike. The Continental GT bikes, colored in bright red, were a rage in those days and soon, the bike achieved a cult status among the bikers. Even after five decades of existence, the bike still enjoys the cult status accorded to it in the past.

This could be the reason behind the re-introduction of the bike in the recent times, albeit with suitable to meet the current trends and tastes.

The Continental GT carries a price tag of INR 184518/- and above. It runs on a 535 cc air-cooled engine capable of churning a power of 29.1 bhp. The bike features a Keihin electronic fuel injection. It is one of the most powerful bikes in India. Equipped with a five-speed gearbox and Unit Construction Engine (UCE) technology of Enfield, the Continental GT has seen lot of optimization. Although the ARAI certified fuel economy is at 41.9 kmpl, in actuality the bike offers an average fuel efficiency of 35 kmpl.

Some of the desirable features included are twin down-tube cradle frame chassis, telescopic front forks, Paioli gas charged twin shock absorbers at the rear, Brembo floating disc brakes, Pirelli Sport Demon tyres, alloy wheels and many more. It offers the electric start feature to make things simpler, apart from the traditional kick-start option.

Continental GT is undoubtedly the lightest, fastest, and most powerful bike from Royal Enfield.

Source by Alan William George

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