Quad Lock Strengthens Handlebar And Fork Stem Mount With Aluminum

Australia-based brand Quad Lock has been pushing phone mount technology forward in the past few years. In 2020, the firm introduced wireless charging as an option on its motorcycle handlebar mounts. Most recently Quad Lock turned to 3D printing giant Ultimaker to keep up with the latest smartphone models from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei.

While Apple recently discouraged riders from mounting their phones to their motorcycles due to potential camera damage, Quad Lock has also developed a vibration dampener to offset the issue. Now, Quad Lock continues to push its motorcycle phone mounts forward with the new Handlebar Mount Pro and Fork Stem Mount Pro models.


Quad Lock constructs its standard mounts from a durable nylon-polycarbonate composite, but the Aussies take that sturdiness to the next level with black anodized CNC machined aluminum. Most Quad Lock mounts also feature the brand’s signature blue lever, but the Pro models opt for a matching black tab and hardware.

The Handlebar Mount Pro accommodates bar sizes 22mm (0.875-inch), 25mm (1-inch), 28mm (1.125-inch), 32mm (1.25-inch), and 35mm (1.375-inch) while the Fork Stem Mount Pro fits in tube sizes 12.4mm-25.4mm. Both mounts include USB charging cable channels to maintain cable hygiene, but each model is also compatible with Quad Lock’s weatherproof wireless charging dock.

The base Handlebar Mount retails for $49.95 but the Pro model comes in at $69.95. Similarly, the Fork Stem Mount touts a $59.95 price tag while the Pro variant commands $79.95. Customers can also personalize their Pro mounts with multiple USB charging options, lever colors, and knuckle adapters and spacers for the perfect fitment.

Of course, Quad Lock also offers a vibration damper for the Pro mounts. The firm even tested the unit on vibration-heavy models such as the Harley-Davidson Softail, Triumph Bonneville, and BMW R nineT, proving that the Pro mounts aren’t just stronger, they’re delicate as well.

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