Pristine, still in its original packaging Honda RC213V-…

A ‘box fresh’ Honda RC213V-S has just broken the record for being the most expensive Japanese motorcycle to be sold at auction. 

The pristine machine – which has never left its original flight case – brought the hammer down on a highest bid of £182,500 during the auction at Collecting Cars.

Much like an original Chewbacca figurine in its original packaging, this Honda RC213V-S is quite the lot, with the owner choosing to keep it out of the elements upon purchase in 2016. 

It means there is just one mile on the odometer and there is no damage or wear to the myriad high-quality, race-bred features that distinguish the RC213V-S in the first place.

Dubbed a true prototype sportsbike for the road, the RC213V-S takes its inspiration from the multiple title-winning Honda RC213V MotoGP bike with the emphasis placed on ensuring it is particularly light.

So while the 999cc V4 engine kicks out a relatively modest 159bhp in standard trim, it weighs only 170kg with its fabricated aluminium frame with carbon-fibre body panels and titanium fasteners.

However, this particular version has been tweaked at the factory with an HRC recalibrated ECU, titanium exhaust system, front ram duct and race-pattern quickshifter lifting power figures to 215bhp.

“Honda’s RC213V-S is a thrilling, exquisitely crafted machine, and this example attracted global attention and extremely competitive bidding on Collecting Cars,” said Edwart Lovett of Collecting Cars. 

“We are proud to have achieved yet another world-record sales price – this time for an incredible road-legal MotoGP that will be a jewel in the new owner’s collection.”

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